InovaPipe Garden

Text Box: Hoses for Garden of INOVA are made from soft PVC. INOVA produces hoses in different colors...

Hoses for Garden from PVC

Products offered from INOVA are part of the quality system certified according to the requirements of international standard ISO 9001:2000, system certified by Global Certification, UKAS.

INOVA - Plastic Pipes Industry

INOVA bring innovations

InovaPipe Water

INOVA produces Plastic Pipes for: drinking water, sewage, irrigation, wells, cable protection, hoses for garden and gas transportation. Pipes are produced from PE (polyethylene) and PVC (polyvinylchloride) materials.

INOVA for all it’s products gives 50 years guarantee.

Text Box: INOVA produces plastic pipes for drinking water from PE top-quality raw materials in the world, that fulfills the requirements of PE 100 +…

Plastic Pipes for Drinking Water from PE 100 and PE 80.

InovaPipe Sewage

INOVA produces plastic pipe for household sewage from PVC materials. They are flexible, endurable to shocks and ...

Plastic Pipes for House Hold Sewage from PVC

InovaPipe Irrigation

Text Box: INOVA produces also plastic pipes for irrigation. Irrigation pipes of INOVA are used for primary pipelines and ...

Plastic Pipes for Irrigation from PE 100 and PE 80

InovaPipe Well

Text Box: Another qualitative product of INOVA are plastic pipes for wells. Pipes for wells of INOVA are threaded in the head ...

Plastic Pipes for Wells from PE

InovaPipe Cable

Text Box: INOVA produces pipes for wire - cable protection. These pipes are used for many purposes, like protection for: electrical cables, optical fibers, PTT cables and...

Plastic Pipes for Protection of Optical Fibers from PE

InovaPipe Gas

Text Box: INOVA’s gas transportation pipes are made from the top-quality materials PE 100 and PE 80. These pipes are in yellow color...

Plastic Pipes for Gas Transportation from PE 100 and PE 80

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